About Us

“The YWCA Ulster County was established in 1923 in response to the growing social, recreational, housing and health needs of women moving into the City of Kingston from surrounding rural areas. Nearly 65 years earlier, women in the City of Boston had spoken passionately about their dreams for dignity and freedom and boldly took steps to create the first YWCA in their city in 1859. Energized by their common values, these Boston-based leaders produced programs that focused on: equality in health care services, sex education, and childcare services.

Like the women of the Boston community, our local founders believed in a world of freedom, justice and peace. They rallied support from the community for creating a center in which women took a leadership role in building this dream. With more than 80 years of commitment to our community, we are proud to state that the values that drove the development of the first YWCA remain paramount in the selection of local programs and services.

Our agency exists to serve women throughout their lifetime. From childcare services, to youth leadership programs, to teen parenting services, the YWCA Ulster County continues to take a leadership role in not only the delivery of services, but also, in the advocacy of issues that effect the lives of women and their families.”

The YWCA Ulster County will make governing documents, the conflict of interest policy and financial statements including Form 990 and the NYS CHAR-500 available to the public upon request.

Mission & Vision


YWCA Ulster County is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women, and promoting peace, justice, and freedom for all.

YWCA Ulster County

Local Purpose

It is the purpose of the YWCA Ulster County to serve women throughout their lifetimes. Our goal is to facilitate the empowerment of women by increasing their educational, economic, political, legal and social opportunities as well as to advocate for racial justice and human rights.

Leadership Team

Interim Acting Executive Director

Athena Demetra Fliakos  email ext. 106
Jannette DeSouza Controller – email  ext. 128
Miranda Baker Director of Early Childhood Programs & Ulster County Family Court Children’s Center – email ext. 109
Tara Sanders Director of Community Outreach and Public Relationsemail ext.110
Tracy Dumigan, Director of Families Now – email
Leslie Mellert-Fitzgerald Bookkeeper – email ext. 101

Board of Directors

Erica Doyle Presidentemail
Susan Diamond Girls Inc. Liaisonemail
Andrea Aldin email
Renee Darmstadt
Tamika Dunkley
Carmelina DeWitt email
Lauren Aitken  email

Employment Opportunities

The YWCA Ulster County is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Equal employment opportunity and affirmative action will be applied in recruitment and hiring, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, disability, age, national origin, citizenship, marital status, sexual orientation or any other factors. Affirmative action will also be taken to employ and advance in employment, qualified disabled individuals and veterans.

Currently we are looking for:

Teachers for our Magic Circle School